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The Driving Range…

Now that the weather is warming it is time to take your parctice to the range. Begin hitting your 7 iron with your feet together & off the tee.  This helps you find your balance and establish your center of gravity.  Nothing else matters and after hitting a small bucket with your feet togther, hit the last 5 balls with a regular stance.  Repeat this drill the first and second week of golfing and anytime you need to get back control.  See you on the greens! Rita


Living in blizzards and snow drifts…

does not mean that you can’t begin practicing your golf skills for a great “Get Ready Golf” 2015.  This week we begin a series of ways to get back into the game you love before the season starts.

Pre-Shot Routine:

Do you have one?  If yes, are you sure it is working for you?  Here is a great daily routine for you to get ready golf ready.  And if you don’t have a Pre-Shot Routine then commit to getting one for this season.   A pre-shot routine or PRS is a practice ritual leading up to the execution of a golf shot.  I encourage you to watch the golfers on T.V. this week and get ideas for what you might like to put into your PRS.

In your home, in a large area, find a place with room to swing a club (7 Iron).  Any club may be used if you have the room. Put a piece of tape on a window or a wall to represent the target.  Lay a club or alignment rod on the floor as an alignment.   Optional – Use a plastic ball but not necessary.

Begin with the end in mind by visualizing the shot you want to hit from behind the line and what the shot looks like.  This is the beginning of the PRS and should never have conversation during.  Aim the club coming from behind the target line.  Grip the club while looking down the target line (the tape).  Waggle, or not (but decide now and repeat).  Now swing.

Variations of the Pre-Shot Routine are as many as there are golf swings and one of the most personal aspects of the game.  If you like more information and ideas about your PRS email me at and be sure to include your handicap.

Finally, practice swings are okay but remember if you take two practice swings before every shot your body has tripled the effort.  Results of your game may result in exhaustion and the time of the round is extended.  Try playing this year without the practice swing and save strokes, time, and effort.

Keeping it Simple w/ Schuenemann (KISS)

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Group clinics include fundamental building with putting, chipping, pitching and bunker.

Putting fundamental #3


One effect of proper eye alignment is great putting.  Just ask Rory McIlroy  who won the Open this past week (July 20,2014).  Like the shoulders, the eyes influence the path of the putt.  When the eyes are too inside the target line, not only are you farther from the ball but in order to sole the club, the arms don’t hang naturally.  The arms must position high therefore effecting the path directly.  Keep in mind, the putter can be square and on target with the eyes inside the line, but not for very long.  The arc of the path increases due to the arms reaching higher.  Now, when the eyes get too far outside the target line the effect is worse.  The arms reach too inside to sole the putter and a reverse arc happens throughout the putt.  Eyes too far over the ball result into movement to keep balance and an inconsistent backward and forward motion occurs.  The most effective eye line is one over the golf ball and parallel to the spot or target line.  This allows the club to sole comfortably with the arms hanging below the shoulders.  The shoulders are more readily over the target line and parallel to that line as well.  Now a smooth backward and forward motion is possible.

One of the best features of the Star Putter outside of putter face alignment, is the mirror finish running through the middle.  This was no accident.  It is specifically for this check of eye alignment and motion. Take your star putter, aim it to a target or spot and practice taking the putter back and through.  Be sure to see your reflection in the surface of the Star.  Is there any movement when you take the putter back? Is there movement when you finish. Repeat this 20 times before you include a golf ball.

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Golf Tips

Texas Putt and Hold’em

Try this exercise then get back with me  as to how it improved your stroke.  Use the putting tool to increase the effect.

Take 5 golf balls and place them on the putting green.  Then choose a cup or target 30 feet away.  Putting one ball at a time, take your lead hand off the putter completely and take your stance.  (the lead hand is the left hand for right handed players)… Now, putt using only your trail hand gripping it as normal but with only this hand.  After you make your putt or stroke count to 5 holding the follow through position.  Do this with all 5 golf balls and repeat from the same place to the same target.  After you have completed this portion of the exercise, begin again at the same place with the 5 balls but this time when you finish, slowly take your lead hand and place it on the putter where you would normally grip.  What do you feel? Let me know!

This is a great “In the Office” exercise as it has the same effect.  But as usual, it is always best to practice on a natural green.

Because…It Always Comes Down to a Putt!





The single most important fundamental

in putting is how you hold the putter, or the grip.  Write this down…The grip is to the club face what the shoulders are to the path. A key to good putting is spot putting.  With a neutral grip, hands in front of the body and palms opposing, aim the putter to a blemish or “spot” on the green.  It is easier to aim to a closer target.  Now with the putter aimed to a point on the green take your stance.  The imaginary line running from the putter face to the spot on the green is the target line

Rita's grip

and the shoulders need to be as close to parallel to that line as possible to ensure a good path.  If the hands, grip and putter are essentially in front of the body in a tense free environment, then the ball position naturally becomes correct and accordingly forward.  Proper posture is also an essential element to great putting so bend over from the hips (Almost as if peeking into a well) when your eyes are positioned over the golf ball or target line you are in a good posture position.  Note you never want to error on being to far over the ball or over the target line.  A great way to find your eye alignment is to drop a golf ball from the corner socket of t



he eye at address.  If the ball drops on top of the ball in play or on the target line, you are in a good posture position. Lastly and the most disciplined to execute – - Listen for the ball to fall in the cup.  It is the greatest sound in golf and is the best tip in this lesson!

Star Putter, the putting tool essentially sharpens the saw with all these fundamentals.


Have you ever tried this? Have a friend or spouse hold your putter for you at address to allow you to step away and look back from behind the target line to get a look at where you were aimed? If not, try this exercise. You will be amazed at where you are aimed and where you think you are aimed. For those of you who have had this experience you know how off target you can be so the good news is, it’s the same for everyone. Perception changes from day to day and is one of the reasons why we can play golf  any given day and make every putt only to come back the very next day and not able to buy a putt. It is one of the mysteries of golf but it is also a physical attribute that can be trained, improved upon, and adjusted. Star Putter™ is not a cure-all but it can help you see the line, aim the putter and recognize the true target line and finally make more putts. The professionals on tour use it so imagine what it can do for you.

Because…It always comes down to

Have you ever had a 20, 30 – even 50 foot putt and just knew you were going to make it? And you did?

Like the proverbial birdie on 18 after playing the worst round of golf of your life, this is one of the mysteries of golf that keeps us all coming back.

What if there was a way to tap into this mindset? There is and it is Star Putter™, the putting tool. This simple little device can save strokes off your game. And although you may not use the tool while playing, you certainly can increase and improve your perception just before you play by using it. The Star is like having a sight scope. It simply and effectively ”trains” your eyes to see the intended and true target. The average margin for error for any golfer is between 3 and 8 degrees off line and almost every golfer at every level experiences these perception problems. What this means is that when you setup over the ball for a putt your putter face may seem to be aimed where you intend but it is off 2 to 5 inches. What happens is the mind adjusts when the stroke is made for the error causing a pull, push, or most common deceleration.  And then what happens? Not only a missed putt but reinforced doubt and continued compensation.

Because…It always comes down to a putt!

Try the Star Putter Challenge

Order a Star right now and use it for 3 weeks. You and your friends will be amazed at all the putts you make. It is that simple.