Improve your putting with a Star

Tour Professionals Use Star Putter Trainer

February 16 , 2015

I am a better putter after using it!

The Star Putter works!”

The Star is so simple to use and there is literally no set-up time!

The Star is always with me because it stores in my bag!

This putting device is fantastic!
I love my star!



I had 26 PUTTS!








Deb Vangellow LPGA Master Professioanl T&CP Nt’l VP

February 05 , 2014

“The Star Putter is a GREAT aim/alignment tool for putting.  I appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of this clever training aid and recommend it to my students enthusiastically.  Thanks for a terrific product!”  Deb Vangellow

Olivia Jordan-Higgens WINS Credit Union Classic presented by Wegmans

August 05 , 2013


 ‘I am so grateful I discovered the Star Putter. It has given me a big boost in my confidence, especially from six feet and in. After practicing with my Star Putter, I can guarantee my putter face will be square to the target so I can just focus on staying relaxed and making a good stroke. I would advise anyone looking to improve their putting stroke to invest in a Star Putter. It is without a doubt, my favorite practice tool!


Olivia Jordan Higgins

August 02 , 2013

ScorGolf Review

August 02 , 2013

Scor Review for Star

Laura Kueny Symetra Tour Champion 2013

May 26 , 2013


Symetra Tour Classic Champion May 2013

Laura Kueny

Symetra Tour Classic 

Champion May 13, 2013!

 ”Because of Star Putter, the putting tool, I was able to make clutch putts this past weekend and secure that first WIN!”

Star Putter Putting Tool Given a FIVE STAR Review

August 09 , 2012

Augusta Golf Examiner, BJ Hathaway, had a chance to try out the Star Putter Putting tool and recommends it as a “Training aid you should have in your bag.”

He praised the tool’s simplicity and said once you have the tool aligned, “you can then practice your stroke for mechanics or speed and build confidence in your putting stroke.”

For the full review, check out….

Symetra Tour Player Olivia Jordan-Higgins

August 08 , 2012

Symetra Tour Player Olivia Jordan-Higgins has joined the Star Putter Professional Tour Player family.  We look forward to watching you win Olivia! For more information on this up and coming Star visit her website!