What is the #1 reason for high golf scores?

   Missed putts.


Finding the magic to putting with Star Putter, the putting tool

Improve your putting with Star Putter’s 15-minute practice session and you will make more putts!

HOW DOES STAR PUTTER the putting tool WORK? 

This image represents the face-on alignment at address after aiming the Star from behind the target line.  Align the putter face with the leading edge of the Star just behind the golf ball covering the star. Putter Face alignment is the most important fundamental to great putting. With the Star Putter between your feet, take your stance.  This places the ball position accordingly forward, another key fundamental in consistently great putting.  Bend from your hips until your image appears in  the center of the stainless strip, eyes over the target line is a third primary fundamental for great putting. Forward press your hands until the “loft” of the putter face is no longer visible, this insures roll opposed to launch at impact. Take the putter back low and finish high. PUTT! You are a Star Putter.

Star Putter,

The Putting Tool      




Because, It Always Comes Down to a Putt!

2015 NEWS Kelvin Day earns players card on the PGA WEB.com Tour

See here how the Star Putter helped Kelvin’s incredible achievement.

  • Learn to aim!
  • Putt with confidence!
  • Eliminate 3 putts!
  • Check your eye alignment!
  • See for excessive movement! 
  • Make 100 putts everyday from 5 feet – practice sessions.
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Ponder these…

  • Practice with Star Putter for 15 minutes, three days a week, and you will lower your scores.
  • Putt with Star Putter before you play and you will make more important putts.
  • Use Star Putter and imagine having confidence.
  • Finally,  It’s Physics.
Carrots and greens

3 years later with Carrots and Greens

See you on the Greens!
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