What Is The #One Reason Golfers Miss Putts?

Because the putter is not aimed.

Improve you putting with 15-minute practice session  and you will make more putts!


Kelvin Day -Tour Professional


  • Recognize a correctly aimed putter!
  • Check your ball position!
  • Check eye alignment!
  • Check for excessive movement! 
  • Make 100 putts from 5 feet in a row without missing during every practice session! 
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Simply use the tool five minutes before play and make 3 to 5
more putts during your round.
If you improve your putter alignment by just two degrees, you will make more putts.
 It is that simple.
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 Practice with Star Putter,15-20 minutes, three days a week and you will lower your scores and improve your handicap after 10 rounds. – Cut your practice time in half but double your benefit!